Del-Tec Packaging was founded in 1986 to meet the needs created by the growing specialization and sophistication in the industrial packaging industry. Del-Tec specializes in industrial packaging materials, case inserts, and consumer foam solutions. Check out our Products, Capabilities, Materials, and Markets for more details.

How we work

Engineering & Design Talent Abounds

Del-Tec Packaging places its strongest emphasis on customized packaging design. The company has found success by providing value added packaging design and consulting services. The design team specializes in providing innovative answers to challenges of pack density, product protection and user functionality. Del-Tec currently employs five packaging designers and engineers that are the core of the company’s customer service philosophy.

Manufacturing Makes Visions Come True

Del-Tec operates more than 40,000 square feet of modern, clean, and fully equipped manufacturing facilities where packaging designs become reality. The staff has extensive and specific experience in manufacturing customized packaging products. We specialize in conversion and fabrication of foams, non-wovens, corrugated plastics and wood materials. The company’s facilities also include a die-shop and a plastic thermoforming operation.

The Shining Future In Packaging

One thing is certain, industrial packaging and material handling have come a long way from the simple brown box days of the past. Companies are finding that this is another area where pressures for environmental and competitive advances have come together to improve overall quality and reduce costs. As more of the industrial community discovers these advances in packaging and material handling, their benefits will become competitive essentials instead of options.

A Pledge To Customers

By partnering with its customers, Del-Tec will continue to provide the leadership and innovation needed to sustain these advances and to give its customers every competitive advantage possible.

Our Philosophy

We want our customers to count on us as important members of their team, partners of shared purpose during both adversity and celebration.

To that end, we strive to deliver a real value to our customers that brings long term benefits while meeting near term goals. For us, this means providing a staff of knowledgeable, concerned people who are driven to help customers solve problems, plan projects, and save money. It means providing reliable and innovative products that meet high standards of quality. We consider these components essential in sustaining an honest and responsible approach to doing business.

In the search of real value, we believe the smartest companies consider the quality of service and products, not just the price. We have reasonable prices, many times they are the lowest; but in the end, our prices don’t dictate the quality of our products or the level of service, it’s the other way around.

In conclusion, we feel a great responsibility to our customers to maintain this unique combination of able service and quality products that lead to real value. We have many customers who appreciate our approach to business and depend on us to continually search for the best ways to fulfill their needs. We are deeply grateful to these customers, and to them we hold ourselves fully accountable.

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